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Welcome to the new Dublin in Bits site.

Where are we?
Our new Google Map shows you where we are, we'll be adding to this over the next while.

How can I help?
You can help Dublin in Bits to continue to provide our own particular vision of Dublin by making a donation.

What's the Story?
Our occasional series of comments on Dublin and what's happening to it. This month: Why the Irish Property Bubble has Already Burst


Dublin Digitized by Dubliners is the motto of this site, and we hope you come away with some flavour of the city which brought you Jonathan Swift, James Joyce and Roddy Doyle.
The Tassel Club is an eclectic mix of neo-burlesque, cabaret and old-fashioned fun. Featured in the Irish Times of 10th December 2005, our pictures of Kitty Klaw have become the face of the club in the press since the Summer. The Tassel Club celebrates its Christmas Party at a secret venue this Wednesday - check their site for details.

New Work

June 2017
The gallery is constantly adding new pieces to its portfolio, from existing and emerging artists.
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