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GPO, O'Connell Street
This was the site of the abortive Declaration of the Irish Republic in Easter 1916, where Padraic Pearse read out the Proclamation on the steps of the General Post Office.

After fighting for just a week, Pearse and the others surrendered to Crown Forces around the corner near Patrick Conway's pub.

Because of its symbolic importance, Irish Republicans very often begin or end their demonstrations here.

In fact, the small poster on the lamp post (centre) is a picture of Bobby Sands, an IRA prisoner, who died while on hunger strike in 1980. Elected an MP during the crisis, he is regarded by many as a martyr, as well as an educated radical writer.

Thankfully, it's beginning to look like we will all soon be able once again to simply commemorate the men who struggled in vain inside this building, without having to reconcile it with our stance on the recent Troubles.

On a lighter note, this was the site of a smaller version of Nelson's column until it was blown up by the (old) IRA in 1966. A plan to erect a needle-like spike on the same spot seems to be running aground...

From here, you can go South to O'Connell Bridge, taking in the sunset on the River...

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June 2017
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