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Our occasional series of comments on Dublin and what's happening to it. This month: Why the Irish Property Bubble has Already Burst

O'Connell Monument
Daniel O'Connell, known as 'The Liberator' is commemorated by this large monument.

The monument, by John Foley, took over 20 years to finish. Originally called Sackville Street, O'Connell Street got its name from this statue, when patriotic cab drivers would ignore any other name for it...

Daniel O'Connell was known as 'The Liberator' due to his achievement of catholic Emancipation in 1829. Despite gathering crowds of hundreds of thousands for his 'Monster Meetings,' O'Connell failed in his Repeal campaign to gain Home Rule for Ireland.

New Work

June 2017
The gallery is constantly adding new pieces to its portfolio, from existing and emerging artists.
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