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Site Highlights

Welcome to the new Dublin in Bits site.

Where are we?
Our new Google Map shows you where we are, we'll be adding to this over the next while.

How can I help?
You can help Dublin in Bits to continue to provide our own particular vision of Dublin by making a donation.

What's the Story?
Our occasional series of comments on Dublin and what's happening to it. This month: Why the Irish Property Bubble has Already Burst

useful links
Some places on the Internet you might find interesting...

From the strange mind of Dermot Carmody and Morgan Jones, this site just needs to be seen to be believed.

adnet - building for business
i'm a partner in adnet, a great company obsessed with building businesses on the internet. if you're interested in getting the best i.t. consultancy, technology expertise, and web development tailored to your needs, take a look at us.

Architecture Online
Excellent, award-winning resource for Irish architecture, and a major forum for activism in defence of threatened buildings.

in the heart of temple bar, this new 'art boutique' provides the best in paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography.

ireland's most dynamic bulletin board system, covering everything from web technology to political activism.

Dalkey Home Page
An excellent starting point for all things related to the exclusive village of Dalkey. Pictures, tours, a restaurant guide and local links...

Dublin Tourism
The official site for Dublin Tourism. Practically all you need to get here, stay here and get the most out of it...

irish photographer's web site
With all the latest news and information for and about Irish photographers, this site is very comprehensive.

Musical Pub Crawl
Lose it in Dublin and forget about driving drunk.

Original Print Gallery
One of Europe's leading galleries for the medium of printmaking - from black-and-white abstraction to highly sculptural and evocative coloured work.

wasting time at work - this hilarious community site is always worth dropping in to. don't forget to read the latest news from ireland's 'parallel news site' - the insanely accurate ballyhoo examiner...

St. Valentine's Shrine
The patron saint of greeting cards is reputed to be (at least partly) in Dublin's Whitefriar Street Church. You can go there to see the casket - see this site for details of the saint's history and how to mark St. Valentine's day with a visit!

The Brew Crew
delivering on the smart idea of delivering beer to your home/office, the brew crew have great beer and all the required gear!

New Work

June 2017
The gallery is constantly adding new pieces to its portfolio, from existing and emerging artists.
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