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Welcome to the new Dublin in Bits site.

Where are we?
Our new Google Map shows you where we are, we'll be adding to this over the next while.

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You can help Dublin in Bits to continue to provide our own particular vision of Dublin by making a donation.

What's the Story?
Our occasional series of comments on Dublin and what's happening to it. This month: Why the Irish Property Bubble has Already Burst

joyce books
here is a selection of books by and about james joyce. by buying these books you are supporting dublin in bits.
joyce reads... extracts from ulysses and finnegan's wake, and actor cyril cusack reads from other works. (cassette)

ulysses by james joyce (intro by damien kiberd)
well, this is probably the greatest book ever written by an irishman. it's the one you always have to say you read, but (like me) you may not have quite gotten round to finishing it yet... also on cd.

dubliners (1.00!) by james joyce
much easier to get through, this is a great introduction to the rhythm of the genius.

portrait of the artist as a young man by james joyce
autobiography thinly disguised as fiction, this novel gives us a very good picture of the outspoken young joyce (played by stephen dedalus!).

finnegan's wake by james joyce
another book which goes into minute detail about a short period of time (one night). also available as a book/cd pack.

New Work

June 2017
The gallery is constantly adding new pieces to its portfolio, from existing and emerging artists.
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