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September 2004

O'Reilly's Safari Online Bookshelf [September 30 2004]
I've been using Safari for a few months now. In case you haven't been the beneficiary of their word-of-mouth advertising, Safari is an online book resource which allows subscribers to access the full text of books from O'Reilly's excellent catalogue.

September 2004

Mozilla FireFox and ThunderBird [September 25 2004]
Just got FireFox (Mozilla's newly released browser) and ThunderBird (their Mail Client) running here at home. First impressions of both are very positive in the main, with both becoming my default interface to the Net for day-to-day use.

I abandoned MS Lookout years ago and had been using Eudora until now. Eudora is fine but had been causing problems when the McAfee removed attachments - it comes up with a prompt about the missing file. This means that Eudora won't run unattended (it stalls unless you acknowledge the prompt).

ThunderBird doesn't have this problem. It is also nicer to look at, handles rich text and HTML mails better, and has a junk filter which happily works with POPfile. It even catches spam which gets past POPfile.

My only reservation is that a lot of sites designed for Exploder don't quite work with FireFox. I'm sure this'll change as the market share rises.

Verdict: Highly Recommended

September 2004

Why the Irish Property Bubble has Already Burst [September 20 2004]
[Posted 20th September 2004]

I've been predicting this since about 1997, but at that time, while it was clear to many people that an unsustainable spiral in house prices was underway, it was far from clear how it functioned, and therefore impossible to predict how far it would go and how long it would continue. Unfortunately, the mechanism is now clear and the consequences are stark...

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